~Simple hints to know~
Leveling Up and Monster Houses
~Marine Resort is a good place to train and raise the IQ of your partners (or you) -- has
a lot of Gummies.

~If you want to level up quickly, give Miracle Chest to the pokemon that needs training,
have a pokemon that knows any move like Roar of Time or Spacial Rend as your leader and
look for lots of monster houses.

~Grass types level up faster. Doesn’t matter what level they're on. It could be on 99
and still reach 100 faster than your lv40 or something partner. 

~Legendaries level SLOWLY. I suggest any EXP-boosters like Miracle Chest. 

~80% of the time you see in the text log that an opponent pokemon has picked up and/or
stepped over a Gummi it means that somewhere on the floor there is a monster house. 

~If you are ALONE when you encounter a monster house and you do not have an all-hit attack
like Roar of Time or Spacial Rend, go back into the path you walked in from and use the
beginning swordsman technique; take a foe on ONE AT A TIME. 

~If you are NOT alone and you do not have an all-hit attack like Roar of Time or Spacial
Rend and you encounter a monster house, go into the path you came from and go back a ways.
Use a Rollcall Orb to get your partner(s) behind you. 

~Having Miltioc or a specific pokemon's card/item does NOT increase your chance or
recruiting that pokemon. 

~Having Latios in your team does not increase your chances of recruiting Latias. Works
either way. 

~The higher the level your leader is on, the more likely you will recruit pokemon. 

~Throwing Gummies at them is not proven to help. Personally for me, it means nothing. 

~If you see a Drifblim (in ANY level dungeon, forget what level you are) or any other
DISTANCE. Do NOT let it move first and/or wait for it to come to you. 

~Don't use a One-Room Orb. Really. I mean it. 

~No matter what it tells you, if your partner LOOKS AT YOU after it's been hit, it means

~The Moves Explosion and Selfdestruct are FIRE-BASED ATTACKS. They also, in most cases,
tend to cause more damage to the leader.

~Quicksaves DELETE THEMSELVES. Remember that. 

~If an opponent has a clear shot at your partner or you and attacks you once with a move
that can reach you from a distance, ATTACK IT BACK. Chances are, it's not going to move.

~Darkrai has a tendancy to forget his Nontraitor IQ. And... so do you towards him even if
you have the Nontraitor too.

~"When in doubt, get the hell out." Really. It's not worth being killed and humiliated. Is

Recomendations for Boss-Battles
~Going into a big fight? Bring a Sleep Seed or two. It just might do you some good. I used
ONE and it saved me in the Groudon battle at Uxie's Lake. 

~Fighting Dialga? Use a Silence Orb. That'll shut her up. Prevents it from using Roar of
Time for a few turns. 

~Fighting Regigigas? Use a Sizebust Orb. Really. Big damage.

~If you're fighting an opponent who is immune to one of your partner's attacks, DESELECT
IT so it doesn't use it. 

~For God's sake, SAVE if you don't know what's ahead. 

~Northern Desert and Mt Travail are good places to look for Poke [money]

~If your partner is warped, just step on the same warp tile and you will be transported to

~If an opponent uses Struggle, it's a Ditto. Don't waste a move on it. 

~Treat your partner nicely. Give IT the Weather Band instead of you in a sandstorm (etc).
It'll notice. Chances are, its IQ will rise just slightly more when you give it Gummies
next time. 

~Talking into the microphone to your pokemon does NOTHING.  Other than in d/p or so I

~Easy ways to beating Shedinja; any fire-based attacks. Burn it. Poison it. If it's
sleeping and you have Darkrai on your team, take a few steps. It'll take care of itself. 

~If you are being attacked by an opponent in a wall, use an all-around tile. i.e.
Thunderbolt, Overheat etc. If your partner is 'smart' enough with a higher IQ it should be
able tofigure out if it has a move to use to deal with it. If not, then deselect every
other move it has and let it attack that way if you don't have said move. 

~There is always at least ONE species of pokemon in a dungeon that seem to evade every
attack you use. Stick with it. You'll hit it eventually. 

~Just because you think your Ghost Type (or any other that can walk through walls) has a
high IQ, does NOT mean it will automatically come back to you like every other type
pokemon if it is warped. The walls confuse them. 

~If you become confused (due tile) press B+A to get rid of it by speeding through turns;
the same method for quick-healing.

~If there are no jobs on the board that you want, take Sentry Duty. Not only does this
usually give you a Reviver Seed, but also money in two ways. If you get all correct
answers, you get 300poke and 400poke if you beat your high score. For regular
perfect-identifications you will ALWAYS get a Def. scarf. Sell them. It's an easy way to
get money of you're running low. 

~I suggest always bringing a Stamina Band. If you don't have a high enough IQ to be a
Survivalist and you run out of apples, you could be in a bad way. The combination of a
Stamina Band and being a Survivalist, however, causes a noticable difference.

~The higher its IQ and level, the higher its tolerance to Grimy Food will be. Eat one. It

~Random notes
~The dungeons HELP you if you're low on apples by providing them.

~Taking the map off of the bottom screen doesn't make your pokemon look any prettier. XD

yes i figured all these out on my own. all were written by me.

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