Poke’mon Platinum

*Giratina and Shaymin have new forms. Shaymin uses an item to change into its new form and changes its ability to Serene Grace.
*A new area called “Torn World” appears over Spear Pillar. Origin Giratina can be found in it.
*New Battle Frontier similar to the one in Emerald.
*Male and female main characters have new outfits.
*New characters – a Police Officer and a Team Galactic Professor.
*Gym leaders are animated and their gyms have new additions.
*Pokemon have new sprites. Back sprites have an extra frame in their animation.
*GTS and Wi-Fi centers have upgrades and new additions, including the ability to record battles.
*5 new sihoulettes. Possibly new forms of Rotom/Castform?


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